Kabuki Release Whole Squads of the Legio Praetoriana

April 10, 2014 by dracs

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We were all glad to see the release of Kabuki's first Legio Praetoriana models, but their five man boosters made them a bit limited in terms of what we could do with them. Now, Kabuki have released these scifi halberdiars as full, ten man squads.

Legio Praetoriana Squad

The Legio Halberdiers are a fantastic unit, well sculpted and sufficiently flamboyant in style that they will stand out from everything else on the battlefield (fortunately for any snipers that happen to be around).

Kabuki had always planned that these models would be available in larger quantities than a simple five man booster, and the fact that you can now pick them up ten at a time means you should have little trouble in building up the infantry back bone of a Legio force.

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