Kabuki Reveal the Finished Concepts of the Next Legio Soldiers

June 2, 2014 by dracs

Kabuki have been drip feeding us the concepts of their next group of the Legio Preatoria and have now released them in their fully assembled form.

Legio Preatoria Concept 1

Legio Preatoria Concept 2

Legio Preatoria Concept 3

Legio Preatoria Concept 4

Legio Preatoria Concept 5

We have seen the individual components previously, but now we get to see them all assembled. It looks like a really impressive unit, with fantastically ornate armour. They do have my usual pet peeve of massive shoulder pads, but they still form a fantastic elite squad for your army.

Will you be picking up Kabuki's next unit of the Legio?

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