Kabuki’s First Knight Has Been Released to Lead Humanity

May 15, 2015 by dracs

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The First Knight, ironically the last of Kabuki's Knights of Legend range, has now been released onto their webstore.

First Knight

First Knight Back

The First Knight is, as his name might suggest, the grandest of all the Knights of Legend Kabuki have created. Wielding a sinister taloned power claw and wearing incredibly ornate power armour, the First Knight stands out as an immediately recognisable figure, covered in striking iconography.

First Knight Front

First Knight Side

The First Knight is most likely inspired by the traitorous primarch Horus. In this, I think Kabuki have got the character's messianic charisma perfectly. This Knight of Legend makes for an excellent painting project, whether or not it is used in gaming or just kept as a collector's piece.

Have you picked up any of the Knights of Legend? What are your thoughts on their First Knight?

"The First Knight stands out as an immediately recognisable figure"

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