Hunt A Keratosor In The Drowned Earth’s New Bundle

June 17, 2019 by brennon

The Drowned Earth is celebrating the release of a new wave of miniatures with Keratosor's Horde which includes three models and a scenario to boot!

Keratosaur - The Drowned Earth

The aforementioned Keratosor is the main focus of the scenario. This mighty beast is trying to protect its horde of treasures whilst ambitious hunters are looking to pilfer it for themselves! These hunters take the form of Shanatt here...

Shanatt - The Drowned Earth

...and the very awesome looking Kalen. It's great that with the new release you have options for playing with these characters right away, even if this is the first time you've dived into The Drowned Earth.

Kalen - The Drowned Earth

As someone who really likes Rocket Raccoon from Guardians Of The Galaxy, you can probably guess who my favourite character from this set is! I also don't think anyone truly grows out of loving dinosaurs and that Keratosor is a bloomin' awesome lizard!

So, are you tempted to dive in and get yourself a game or two of The Drowned Earth on with these new characters?

Let us know in the comments below...

"I also don't think anyone truly grows out of loving dinosaurs..."

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