Kromlech Take Their Orcs to Afrika

July 22, 2014 by dracs

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Kromlech have taken their orcs to another theatre of combat, this time bringing them to the deserts of darkest Afrika.

Orc Afrika Korps

Orc Afrika Korps Boss

Orc Afrika Korps MG42 Gunner

These orcs are all new takes upon Kromlech's familiar WWII German style minis, carrying on the fantastically cartoony designs of the greenskins with distinctly orcish takes on familiar weaponry.

These orcs are perfect for giving your army a desert theme. After all, even orcs occasionally feel like it's short-sleeve weather. I could easily imagine these as a command squad in a scifi greenskin force fighting across the dunes of a desert world.

Can you think of any new takes on orcs you'd like to see?

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