Kromlech Feel the Gravity of the Situation With Their Latest Guns

March 7, 2014 by dracs

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Kromlech are releasing a new alternate weapon option that they are describing as "new hi-tekky pewpew". Behold the mighty Gravity Distorters.

Hi-Tekky PewPew

I think its safe to say that "hi-tekky pewpew" is an apt description of this new weapon. It looks like a melta and a shotgun had a child. Awesome!

Gravity Distorters

Gravity Distorters Painted

New weapon alternatives are a great way to give your forces a little individuality and even to bring in weaponry that doesn't normally appear in the game. Kromlech's latest design has a lot of cool style and detail and is now available via their eBay.

Do you need some new hi-tekky pewpew?

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