Kromlech Shake a Leg with a Preview of Their Next Character Model

October 19, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech are preparing to bring out another new orc character model and we get our first glimpse at their beautiful legs.

Kromlech Preview

Well, so far all we can really tell about this model is that they have a lovely pair of legs, clad in the bodged together armour that characterises orc technology, all with the great attention to detail we have seen with previous armoured Kromlech orcs.

The line that accompanied this photo on Kromlech's facebook said "He is coming... almost there." From that we can assume this is a special character, probably intended to lead their Juggernaut orcs. Whatever he turns out to be, I look forward to seeing what new designs they have decided upon to make him stand out.

Do you like Kromlech's orcs? Do you have any of their models?

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