Kromlech’s Corpulent Orc General Otto Gets Released!

October 10, 2014 by dracs

We recently saw what can only be described as a truly great Greatcoated orc general from Kromlech. Now, that obese greenskin has been released. Meet the mechanical mastermind, General Otto von Rehrborg.

General Otto von Rehrborg

General Otto von Rehrborg Back

According to Kromlech, General Otto is an engineering genius, responsible for the weaponry and machines of Kromlech's Iron Reich orcs.

Now we see him in all his glory, I still think this might be my favourite orc character model. The massive weapon on his back means he could easily serve as a greenskin mek, as well as a more standard war leader. This model has so much character to it, it cannot help but stand out from among the rest of your army.

Will General Otto be leading your forces?

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