Kromlech’s Orcs Let Fly Their Deth Rokket!

September 12, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech recently put out a teaser and now we find out what it was as the dangerous Deth Rokket Halftrack gets released onto the battlefield!

Deth Rokket Halftrack

Deth Rokket

Deth Rokket Halftrack Back

This might just be the epitome of orcish technology. A massive missile with bolted on panels and wires hanging out, yet somehow still able to deliver a massive amount of damage to your enemy.

Kromlech's scifi orc sculpts are fantastic quality alternative minis. This big machine will make for a useful piece of heavy artillery in the green horde, as well as being a fun centre piece for the army.

Are you going to blast off with Kromlech's Deth Rokket?

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