Kromlech’s Orcs Get ‘The Mother of All Dakka’

May 27, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech have a new turret weapon for their orcs that they are describing as the mother of all dakka: the Flakvierling.


Flakvierling Scale

This anti-aircraft platform four guns and a pair of massive magazines to feed in the ammo. It also features some nice touches of detail, such as the riveted scraps of metal that mark it out as orcish technology.

With all the aircraft zipping about our tables at the moment, anti-aircraft weaponry is always a must have for your defences, and this turret can be used as either an emplacement or as a tank's weaponry. Whatever you use it as, it will probably do the job pretty well.

What do you think of Kromlech's latest bit of dakka?

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