The First Legio Praetoriana Squad Blisters into Kabuki’s Store

April 2, 2014 by dracs

The wait is finally over, after all the teasers and reviews Kabuki's first full squad of miniatures has now been released. It's time to pick up your first five man blister of the Legio Praetoriana.

Legio Praetoriana Basic Squad

This blister contains the resin pieces needed to make a five man squad of halberdiers, each of which shows off the quality of sculpt we expect from Kabuki.

Unfortunately, there is only a limited number of these available at present, though Kabuki have promised that more will be on the way. They have also stated that different unit types should be appearing, so that is definitely something for us to keep an eye on.

Are the Legio your cup of tea?

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