MaxMini Release Cpt. Roohaz and His Men Into the Jungle

March 20, 2014 by dracs

If you cast your mind back a few days you may remember MaxMini showing off a heavily muscled jungle fighter wielding a heavy machine gun. Well that jungle fighter has arrived, along with the rest of his platoon.

Jungle Squad

Any troop of jungle based soldiers tends to draw upon some classic 80s sci-fi movie, one in particular, but these guys really do look like they just stepped out of an action movie.

Each of the miniatures has been sculpted with a great deal of individual character conveyed through stance and clothing. You look at them and you find yourself mentally assigning them personalities. This is a great sign as it means MaxMini have avoided their minis looking like another collection of faceless, muscle-bound goons.

Will you send this uni out into the dangerous depths of the jungle?

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