Pre-Order Wargames Atlantic’s Sci-Fi British & Ancient Goth Warriors

March 25, 2022 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic has now fired up pre-orders for two new sets of plastic miniatures. Both the Sci-Fi and the Historical crowd are catered for with these 28mm kits and we start off with the awesome Sci-Fi British, the Bulldogs!

Bulldogs - Wargames Atlantic

Bulldogs // Wargames Atlantic

The Bulldogs join their expanding Death Fields collection with twenty-four miniatures that could be used in a variety of games. The look of them matches up with that almost Victorian Age British soldier but now armed with high-tech weaponry that has allowed them to take to the stars.

Bulldogs Miniatures - Wargames Atlantic

Bulldogs Miniatures // Wargames Atlantic

The set was sculpted by Thieu Duong and it seems like an awesome way to build an alternative Human army for your Sci-Fi games. It, of course, works well as a stand-in for the varied regiments of the Astra Militarum in Warhammer 40,000.

The set comes with standard infantry rifles, light machine guns, assault rifles, plasma weapons and flamethrowers. You also get grenade launchers and pistols. There are also four headgear options in the set which mean you can go wild with the customisation options here.

28mm Goth Warriors!

As well as the Bulldogs, we also have the Goth Warriors who are going to be perfect for those diving into Ancient and Dark Age wargames on the tabletop.

Goth Warriors - Wargames Atlantic

Goth Warriors // Wargames Atlantic

This comes with thirty 28mm plastic miniatures which could form the basis of your marauding warbands on the tabletop. If you're looking to bring down the Roman Empire then these are the miniatures for you to snap up.

Goths Vs Romans - Wargames Atlantic

Goths Vs Romans // Wargames Atlantic

The sculpting here comes from Rob Macfarlane and should be a pretty good way to get your army fighting fit. You can arm your warriors with spears, swords, slings and axes. There are also bows and options to make a command element for your regiment.

This can also be combined with the Late Roman Legionaries bitz if you're interested in making some well-armoured warriors. You can mix and match this with the full Decline And Fall range to make even more unique armies. It's a nice sandbox to play in if you like kitbashing historical armies.

Are you going to be snapping these sets up for your Sci-Fi and Historical armies?

"The Bulldogs join their expanding Death Fields collection with twenty-four miniatures that could be used in a variety of games..."

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