Puppets War Get Blitzed with Their Latest Release

February 20, 2014 by dracs

The new Blitz Troopers are now available from Puppets War, giving you some extra sci-fi soldiers to send to their untimely deaths.

Blitz Troopers

So the Blitz Troopers are essentially fully kitted out sci-fi soldiers, complete with pretty cool and very intimidating gas masks and Nazi style helmets. Wait a minute, that sounds familiar. Something to do with a game about Zones where Killing happened.

Blitz Trooper

Still these models would make a good themed addition to an army. Puppets War have done well with the detail of their uniforms and they would make a great elite unit, or even just the faceless back bone for an army of humanity.

What is your opinion of Puppets War's Helghas... I mean Blitz Troopers?

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