Puppets War Complete Their Monstrous Orc Mek

December 4, 2014 by dracs

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Remember that we recently caught a glimpse at Puppets War's work bench where some sort of orc tech was lying in pieces? Well now they've finished putting it together. Check this monster out.

Ork Mek

Now that's what I call an orc Mek! Ramshackle, utterly impractical and liable to crash and burn at the first opportunity, yet somehow able to take a lot of the enemy with it. It's an interesting and very top heavy design, featuring an orc head on robotic turkey legs, and judging by the miniature in place for comparison it is huge!

Puppets War are still looking for a name for their contraption on their Facebook, giving you about 24 hours to give them your suggestions. Personally, I think it should be Da Gnasha Masha!

How do you think this has turned out? What are your suggestions for its name?

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