Puppets War’s Doom Bikers Get Their Motors Running

October 19, 2014 by dracs

Hot on the heels of their recent Doom Jetbikers, Puppets War have released a some more Doom Bikers, only this time making riders who prefer the usual two-wheeled form of transport.

Doom Bikers

Doom Biker

Doom Biker Side

Doom Biker Front

These models keep with the pocked, daemonic designs we previously saw with the Jetbiker and I have to say that it is a very effective design for an evil faction. However, the bikes themselves don't have anything particularly new about them from Puppets War's previous bikes, giving the impression of being more of a skin change. Still, they are an effective alternate miniature for fielding a unique and sinister fast support squad.

What is your impression of Puppets War's Doom Bikers?

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