Could You Take on Puppets War’s Enforcer?

May 19, 2014 by dracs

Puppets War have always had an extensive selection of alternative models, but now they have set their sights on something a little larger than usual. Check out this awesome Enforcer!


Enforcer 2

Enforcer 3

Enforcer 4

Here we can see the first casting and first assembly of this monstrous mech, which is surely the perfect alternative model for Dreadnoughts or even Dreadknights.

There are also a few customisable pieces, so you can load out your enforcer with the best weapons for the job.

Enforcer 5

Enforcer 6

In total I think that Puppets War have done a fantastic job with this model, although the legs do look a little spindly compared to the bulk of the body. Still, this machine will tower over the rest of the troops and should make an excellent army centre piece.

Could you stand against the might of the Enforcer?

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