R. Talsorian Join Up With Monster Fight Club On Cyberpunk Miniatures

March 4, 2020 by brennon

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R. Talsorian Games has joined up with Monster Fight Club to work on a range of Cyberpunk Miniatures for the upcoming release of their updated Sci-Fi roleplaying game. A bunch of character archetypes are in the works allowing you to represent your characters on the tabletop.

Fixer - Monster Fight Club

The range of miniatures shows off a lot of the different character types that you can play as in your games. For example, above you've got a Fixer. They look to be designed based on a particular art style which is a bit more heroic in nature but I think that works quite nicely here. Importantly though, each of the characters look really different and packed with character to give you as much inspiration as possible when painting them up!

Lawman - Monster Fight Club

There are quite a few miniatures in the range which hark back to classic representations of Cyberpunk. For example, the fellow above could very easily be Deckard from Blade Runner, a grizzled replicant hunter who looks like they've seen it all. I think it would be very awesome indeed to paint up this fellow!

Netrunner - Monster Fight Club

As well as all manner of different archetypes being covered in the collection we're also seeing a range of both male and female sculpts in the mix too. For example, the Netrunner has a male version (above) and a female one (below). I would hope that this is going to be something which continues throughout the entire of the collection as they look to expand it with alternative options.

Netrunner Alt - Monster Fight Club

I really liked this next miniature, the Rocker Boy/Girl. I have always been rather taken by Bards in roleplaying games and the thought of (in essence) running as one in a Cyberpunk game sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Fight the system with music I say!

Rockerboy - Monster Fight Club

As well as some of the more iconic and original elements to the Cyberpunk universe that we've seen above you've also got a range of characters that would be at home in various Sci-Fi worlds. This Solo here looks like she means business...

Solo - Monster Fight Club

...and you could easily see this Tech being either a character that you play as or an NPC that you interact with. Maybe this fellow could be the character that your group talks to when they need to get something fixed or built for their upcoming missions?

Tech - Monster Fight Club

As you can see, the range is quite extensive and there is quite a lot more for you to keep an eye out for. Monster Fight Club have said that information will be coming soon on when these miniatures will see release and until then I'd bookmark that gallery to see if more images pop up!

What do you think of these miniatures?

"Monster Fight Club have said that information will be coming soon on when these miniatures will see release..."

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