Raging Heroes Bring Some Colour to the Kurganova Sisters

October 21, 2014 by dracs

Raging Heroes three Kurganova Sisters are the epitome of the tough female fighters of the future that led to their Toughest Girls in the Galaxy Kickstarter. Now these three impressive sculpts are getting shown off with an equally impressive paint job.

Toughest Girls in the Galaxy Painted

Toughest Girls in the Galaxy Painted Back

I have to say that I think Ben Torres of Babelben Minis have done a superb job with these miniatures, especially with the shading on their cloaks and the gold decoration on the edging.

It is always so much better to see miniatures shown off when they are fully painted. Not only does it do a better job at showing off the sculpt, but it makes the models look far more alive than simple grey renders or unpainted sculpts can. Raging Heroes' Kurganova Sisters are excellent scifi sculpts, but it is great to see them with a good paint job.

How do you think these ladies look with a splash of paint? Would you have painted them differently?

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