Look Out For Reforged Studios’ Warforged: First Contact Soon

March 21, 2017 by brennon

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Reforged Studios are coming to Kickstarter in April with the game, Warforged: First Contact. The game will be helmed by a myriad of industry veterans and published by Ninja Division.

Warforged First Contact Logo

So what exactly is Warforged?

"Warforged: First Contact is a tabletop strategy board game that pits the fearless warriors of the Iron Legion against the Mantra, a galaxy-spanning covenant of aliens bent on dominating the human race.  Warforged: First Contact will be a tabletop strategy battle game, with rules designed by hobby industry legends Tuomas Pirinen, and Andy Chambers, and with production and miniatures by Ninja Division Publishing."

Warforged Art #1

...and all of that sounds very exciting to us. We've already had a bit of a glimpse at some artwork and such from the game as you've seen above. Here's another taster of some of their concept art.

Warforged Art #2

The image you see above is for one of the Choral, and serve the Mantra. The design looks fantastic and it's neat to see this clash of the Fantasy with the Sci-Fi in their design. I mean look at this ladies sword!

Warforged Art #3

There was a little bit of a Q&A with the minds behind the game earlier in the month which you can see HERE. Stay tuned as we'll be keeping a close eye on this one to see how it develops going forward.

What do you think of their designs?

"...it's neat to see this clash of the Fantasy with the Sci-Fi in their design"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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