Archon Unveil Sci-Fi Wargame StarCide At Salute 2019

March 25, 2019 by dracs

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Archon Studios have plenty to show off at this year's Salute, including the first production units of their Rampart plastic terrain and the launch of a whole new science-fantasy wargame, Starcide.

Wargame Between The Realms Of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Starcide is a new 32mm wargame being produced by Archon, mixing elements of classic fantasy with science fiction to create its game world.

In Starcide, Earth was the cradle of life. All life began here, and now all life is fighting to reclaim it. The Empire of Man, the reptilian Na'vo, the insectoid Locus, and the vampiric Legion of the Black Sun, all battling to prove their supremacy.

Salute 2019 is set to be the game's major reveal, with Archon running demos of the game at their stand, as well as showcasing some of the models, such as this Sci-Fi Necromancer.

The concept of raising the dead in a sci-fi setting is one that intrigues me. In fantasy, you can handwave a bit with magic, but even with science-fantasy, some sort of explanation is needed and builds into the lore of the world.

This figure has plenty of details that hint to just how necromancy is achieved in this setting, looking like a mix between a sorcerer and a mad scientist. Mary Shelley must be so proud to see the genre she created returning to the grave once more to find what grizzly goods it can uncover.

Archon is providing a free miniature in the Salute swag bags, and are also offering a free miniature to the first fifty people to play Starcide at their booth (GD07), so head over and let us know what you think of it.

Salute Storms The Ramparts

As stated previously, they will also have the first production units of their Rampart Plastic Terrain with them.

Rampart enjoyed a successful run on Kickstarter last year, funding sets of magnetised, modular terrain for the tabletop.

The two sets from the Kickstarter let you build tables based upon the temples of Meso-American cultures, or grand, gothic cathedrals, both of which could fit well with scifi or fantasy.

The terrain set promises to be versatile and easy to put together, letting you quickly achieve some eye-catching boards and build a cathedral even faster than Justin could with the help of ten men.

It will be good to see how the terrain looks the flesh, and how effective they are when laid out on the tabletop.

You can find out more about Starcide by signing up to the Kickstarter newsletter and keep an eye on Rampart's progress over on its own Kickstarter page

Will you be at Salute? Do you plan to stop by the Archon stand? 

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