A Set of Orcs Spill Out of Spellcrow

September 18, 2014 by dracs

Spellcrow is now selling their orcs as a set, bringing you a unit of their rabid greenskins to field in your orcish armies.

Spellcrow Orcs

Spellcrow's orcs have a unique, yet distinctly orcy style, being rather grizzled in a cartoony sort of way.

Spellcrow have been making a variety of orc accessories for quite a while, giving their orcs plenty of ramshackle weapon and fashion options to choose from. The fact that you can now pick up their orcs as a full set is a good move on Spellcrow's part as it means if you want to field their orcs you can now pick up a full unit ready to join the waaaagh!

Do you think Spellcrow's orcs would look out of place among other orc models?

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