Sickness Spreads To Space Marine Heroes Season 3

May 8, 2019 by dracs

Games Workshop have announced season three of their blind buy Space Marine Heroes range, this time filling those random boxes with the diseased Death Guard.

These Death Guard sculpts provide a perfect way to expand your army with some truly disgusting new characters.

As with previous sets, these Space Marine Heroes will come in random boxes, meaning you won't know which heroes you're buying. They are going to see an initial release in Japan, where blind-buy collectables are extremely popular, before heading out over seas.

The Death Guard somehow manage to be among the most individualistic of Marines, despite often having their warped features hidden behind suppurating plate armour. This makes them a good fit for the collectable series and I would not be surprised to see these models appearing in more Kill Teams.

Of course, gamers outside of Japan have to wait a little longer, but season two will soon see a release, bringing with it the Blood Angels Terminator.

There are few more miniatures more intimidating than a terminator and it's good to see such iconic figures included in this range.

Will you try to add these to your collection?

"I would not be surprised to see these models appearing in more Kill Teams."

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