Spellcrow Make Some Sonic Shoulder Pads

October 20, 2014 by dracs

As any Doctor Who fan knows, everything's better if you just make it a bit more sonic (especially if you have some shelves to put up). Spellcrow seem to have taken this to heart, and for their next set of Pleasure Knight shoulder pads have come up with something sonic.

Sonic Shoulder Pads

As you can see, Spellcrow's Pleasure Knights have added enough speakers to their shoulder pads to keep their music blasting out even in the middle of battle. And you thought your neighbours could be annoying with their loud music.

Choosing an example completely at random, these shoulder pads would be the perfect accessories for a unit of, oh let's say Slaaneshi Noise Marines. They certainly look interesting, and I like to think that the Pleasure Knights are among the first to come up with an actual use for having impractically large shoulder pads.

Do you think you will crank up Spellcrow's shoulder speakers?

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