Troll Forged Have a Goliath Case of Wyrms

March 19, 2014 by dracs

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Troll Forged are continuing with their disgusting selection of truly alien monsters as they preview their new Goliath Wyrm.

Goliath Wyrm 1

Goliath Wyrm 2

Goliath Wyrm 3

Goliath Wyrm 4

Goliath Wyrm 5

This monster, consisting of almost a pound of metal, is something of a pants wetting prospect to go up against, even with a whole army to back you up. The final release will come with optional teeth inserts, providing even more ways to kill you, while the sculpt itself just looks disturbing, especially at the base where it essentially becomes an amorphous blob.

The good thing about monsters like these is they can fit in with almost any setting. While intended for sci-fi, I could easily see them running into fantasy adventurers, or even Lovecraftian investigators. Either way, I doubt it will go down easy.

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