Troll Forged’s Alien Host Gets a Bit of a Loose Canon

June 20, 2014 by dracs

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Troll Forged Miniatures are currently working on another horrific creature for their alien host. This time it looks like they are getting a bit of biological fire power with the Canon Drone.

Canon Drone WIP

Canon Drone WIP 2

Canon Drone WIP 3

Canon Drone WIP 4

Whereas the other aliens Troll Forged have come out with could easily be used as fantasy monsters, this one's back mounted canon makes it, to my eyes, unavoidably scifi. The model itself is a brilliant, gribbly design, like a cross between a bug and a heavy weapons platform. It would make an excellent alternative for a Tyranid army, although I think it might be a bit too big to be used as a Biovore.

What do you think of Troll Forged's aliens?

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