Victoria Wheel Their Big Guns Out of Their Webstore

September 30, 2014 by dracs

Victoria Miniatures have a massive release today, unleashing the fury of all their new heavy weapon artillery sets into their webstore.

Victoria Auto Cannon

Victoria Heavy Bolter

Victoria Heavy Mortar

Victoria Laser Cannon

Victoria Twin Heavy Stubber

Each of these weapon options look great and Victoria have done an excellent job in making each one look unique, yet still highly functional in style. My favourites have to be the mortar or the auto-cannon. Those things look like they could tear through an army by themselves.

Of course, these weapons need crews in order to actually do anything and Victoria have released heavy weapons crews for each of the different style of scifi soldier they supply, from Penal Guard to Highlanders.

Penal Guard Heavy Weapons Crew

Highland Moss Heavy Weapon Crew

Victorian Heavy Weapons Crew

Are these heavy weapons a good alternative for your scifi human army?

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