X-Wing Second Edition Soars Out For Release

September 14, 2018 by dracs

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The time has come to jump into the cockpit and join the fight for the fate of a galaxy far, far away as X-Wing Second Edition swoops out for release.

This new edition of the much-loved game features refined rules designed to focus on the act of flying your spacecraft in intense dog fights.

The starter set comes with one X-Wing and two Tie Fighters, along with all of the different dials and cards you need to get stuck into the game's latest iteration.

Expanding the Galaxy

Alongside the main core set, Fantasy Flight Games have released a number of expansions to support it.

These start with the various conversion sets to bring your games over to the new edition.

Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit

Galactic Empire Conversion Kit

Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit

Each of these factions has their own ship expansions for your to grow your fleets.

For the Rebel Alliance, you will find:

Serving the might of the Empire, we have:

Not to be outdone, the forces of Scum and Villainy have some goodies of their own.

As well of these, each of the different factions receives its own Maneuver Dial Upgrade kits.

It's great to see Fantasy Flight providing the game with so much support right out of the gate. X-Wing has become a firm favourite for many, and one which I know has brought plenty of new people into the hobby.

This new edition should help to make the game more accessible once again and help engage players, both new and old.

What do you want to see in this second edition?

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