Take To An Alien City Scape With Secret Weapon Miniatures

February 19, 2013 by brennon

Secret Weapon Miniatures have a whole new set of alien bases for you to work with over at their store. The Tau Ceti collection is looking very clean cut and sleek so perfect for a technologically advanced race.

25mm Tau Ceti

40mm Tau Ceti

60mm Tau Ceti #1

60mm Tau Ceti #2

Tau Ceti Bike Bases

Tau Ceti Flight Base

From Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon...

"Inspired by classical sci-fi shapes, and the planet central to so many of our classic sci-fi films, this set combines hard edges and rounded surfaces with a clean lined aesthetic that works equally well as a hi-tech space ship deck, or a futuristic cityscape."

These are some seriously good looking bases that would be fun to use with a game like Infinity. Of course you could also mount an army of Tau on these bases as a planetary defense force, tasked with protecting the city.

It will be great to see what people do with these.

What do you think?

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