Beasts of War August Painting Competition

August 5, 2011 by beerogre

It's official! Beasts of War will be running a monthly Painting Competition.

Starting this month, we'll be choosing a subject and asking you guys to enter pictures of your fantastic miniatures... not just for the glory and recognition of your fellow BoW fans... but for cool prizes!

The first official competition is sponsored by our friends at Secret Weapon and this month's top prize is a complete set of the brand new Secret Weapon Washes and a 6 month Backstage Pass to Beasts of War!

But that's not all, we'll also have a prize for the Honorable Mention... this won't necessarily be the best paint job... it'll be awarded to the miniature that has impressed the judges the most with its uniqueness.

The Honourable Mention will be awarded with a 6 month Backstage Pass!

So there's all to play for and no reason not to enter!!!

So how do you enter?

Well you just follow these simple entry guidelines:

  • Paint Your Miniature
  • Take some pictures* of your Work in Progress (this is required to prove authenticity)
  • Take a Picture* of your final entry
  • Upload your images to Minirama
  • Image manipulation beyond the correction of lighting and contrast will be deemed a breach of the rules and will cause your entry to be disqualified
  • Post your Minirama link into this month's Competition Thread on the Painting Factory Group
  • Remember to add any additional notes to the post that you think are required
  • Viewers are asked to thumb up (or down) the posts with links they like (feel free to rate the Minirama images too)
  • At 24:00 GMT/BST, on the last day of the month, the competition closes
  • Entries received after that date/time will not be counted
  • The judges will deliberate and the winners will be announced a few days after the closure date
  • The Judges decision is final
  • An announcement will then be posted on the BoW Front Page for all to view!

* Remember resolution is everything... if we can't see your work then you're off to a bad start!

The Judging Panel will consist 5 members, drawn from representatives from the BoW team and sponsors (3 members) and BoW viewers (2 members), with two standing panel members being:

So all that remains is to give you this month's theme. As it's the first (official) competition, I thought we would go with something pretty broad to get things going... so the theme will be...


This means rank-and-file guys, not heroes, monsters and individuals. We want to see your bog-standard grunts!

You can enter a unit or an individual model, sci-fi or modern, historical or fantasy, a custom conversion or an "off-the-rack" model... let your imagination run wild!

Here's the link to the Competition Thread in the Painting Factory and  Minirama.

Our thanks go to Alan (@wildchevy) who single-handedly organised the painting competitions prior to this.

In recognition of his dedication, above and beyond the call of duty, he has been awarded a standing place on the Judging Panel and a complimentary Backstage Pass.


If you want to volunteer to fill the final seat on this month's Judging Panel, then say so in the comments below... but be warned... if you are selected, you automatically disqualify yourself from entering this month's competition.

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