Generators Draw in Bubbling Lava with Secret Weapon

August 30, 2012 by brennon

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Secret Weapon have another selection of new products for you to adorn your battlefields. This time they head to a planet that while lacking in grubs and maggots is covered in flames and whirring machines...

Lava Flow Base Variations

First up are these variations on the Lava Bases where you can see the cracked earth revealing the lifeblood of the planet below. These are superbly sculpted little bases allowing for a serious amount of customisation when it comes to making them your own.

Imperial Generator & Console

Imperial Generators

Next up are these big Imperial Generators. These come as either a set of two or with a console for sorting out your commands and stopping it from blowing up. Maybe they are being powered by the geothermal activity pouring from the lava bases we saw earlier?

These generators would make perfect objectives for games of Infinity or as simply large pieces of cover on a standard Sci-Fi board.

Check out the New Products section of the website for these releases.

What do you think of the other half of the Secret Weapon releases?

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