January Brings More Bitz From Secret Weapon Miniatures

January 22, 2013 by brennon

Secret Weapon Miniatures has plenty of new bitz for the world of wargaming. Check out some of the selection below and then head over to their website where you can view all the products on the home page.

Baked Ceramic Bricks

Flexible Sandbags

First up are a selection of Ceramic Bricks and Paving Stones which can be assembled in anyway you like, adding character to a base. Added to them are a bunch of Flexible Sandbags! They look great and when played with you could easily create different landscapes each time you play.

Trenchers Backpack

There is also this Trenchers Backpack which might be useful if you're looking to create a model for designing all this terrain. I think I have just had an idea for a little diorama!

Round Lip Base

Iron Deck Base

Secret Weapon Miniatures also have some bases with the neat lipped edge so you can add some depth to a miniature. I like the idea of doing lots of water effects in them and give the appearance that the model is wading through water.

Will any of these new bitz be useful to you in your hobbying?

Let me know!

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