New Secret Weapon Competition & Battlefoam Bag

June 14, 2011 by beerogre

The craftsmen at Battlefoam have been in discussions with the guys from Secret Weapon to bring to you a brand new Battlefoam exclusive, a bag designed specifically to carry all those fine Secret Weapon washes, pigments and tools that all you serious hobbyists must have by the... well... the bag-load!

The bag still needs a few tweaks before it will be hitting the shelves, but to celebrate, Secret Weapon have launched a competition, open to those who own one of their fantastic T-Shirts... here's how to enter...

Now that the Secret Weapon t-shirts are available, and several have been purchased, I thought it was time to announce the first on-going giveaway exclusive to t-shirt owners.

Every person that owns a Secret Weapon t-shirt now has an opportunity to win one of SEVERAL $25 gift vouchers. How? It's simple!

Step 1) Wear your Secret Weapon t-shirt to one of the conventions or tournaments listed below.

Step 2) Get a picture of yourself at the event. You must be at the center of the picture, with your Secret Weapon t-shirt clearly visible. Surround yourself with other convention goers making "peace signs" at the camera.

Step 3) Profit. No, really. The person with the largest crowd in their photo will win a $25.00 USD gift voucher to use on the Secret Weapon store! That's more than double the value of the shirt... and you can win more than one in a year!

It is important that you put yourself in the center of the photograph and that the crowd around you be making "peace signs" at the camera so we can see they're involved in the shot.

Any of the conventions and tournaments listed below is eligible. You can win more than once by submitting a photo from more than one event.

The winner will be selected by the Secret Weapon staff one week after the event. Submissions should be sent to misterjustin at Secret Weapon Miniatures and the title should reflect the name of the event

The ususal types of restrictions apply for competitions, so check out their website and contact Secret Weapon is you want to know more.

BoW Andy

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