Secret Weapon Take You To Alien Temples & Ancient Sands

December 21, 2012 by brennon

Secret Weapon Miniatures have a new line of bases in various sizes and styles. This Voodooworx line has been relaunched and features the Alien Temple, Ancient Sands and Town Square designs which you can see below...

Alien Temple

Ancient Sands

Town Square

All of these designs are, once again, very well done and seriously packed with detail. A scenic base also has to be practical as well as look good and it seems as if that mandate has been met too. There is plenty of room to pose your model which is always a plus.

Ancient Sands Bike Base

Alien Temple Bike Base

You can also get these designs in a variety of other shapes and sizes. Above you will see the Alien Temple and Ancient Sand designs changed to fit bike or mounted bases.

There are plenty more to see too by visiting the New Products area of the website.

Check the entire range out!

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