Secret Weapon Create a World on Kickstarter

April 13, 2013 by dracs

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Well, after all those glimpses and previews the Secret Weapon kickstarter is now up, so get ready to help them fund their new Tablescapes.

Secret Weapon Tablescape Panels

Secret Weapon aim, with the help of kickstarter, to create a set of interlocking plastic terrain panels, allowing you to create the basis for a cool gaming environment and easily transform your tabletop from your kitchen table into a far off world.

Secret Weapon Tablescapes

This first set is based around a "Scrap Yard" theme, and further themes are promised to appear in the future as they pass stretch goals. For example, upon reaching the $16,000 mark Secret Weapon will be able to work upon the rather cool sounding "Urban Streets" Tablescape.

The kickstarter has already garnered a good level of support, will you be chipping in too?

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