Secret Weapon Miniatures Call in the Gas Attacks

June 13, 2012 by brennon

Secret Weapon Miniatures have shown off a few of their upcoming releases for the beginning of July. Check them out below and beware the gas!

Gas Mask with Brimmed Helmet

Gas Mask with Helmet

Gas Mask with Officers Cap

Gas Mask without Helmet

As you can see the first of their releases will be a selection of alternative Gas Mask heads for your Modern and Sci-Fi miniatures. If you wanted to make an eerie set of soldiers for the battles of World War II or Imperial Guard stuck patrolling a planet with a hostile atmosphere then these are for you.

Would be pretty awesome to use these to make some scary Weird World War zombies threatening to overrun the lines!

Scrap Yard Barriers

The other release are these Scrap Yard Barriers perfect for mixing in with those Post Apocalyptic games where your soldiers have donned the Gas Masks and are fighting in a toxic wasteland.

All of these pieces come in resin and are great alternatives for adding to the battlefield.

Will you be picking these up come July?

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