Ask Secret Weapon’s Mister Justin About Air Brushing!

October 1, 2012 by brennon

Mister Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures will be doing a Live chat today about Airbrushing! Check out his list of topics below and tune in later today for a chat!

Secret Weapon Miniatures

  1. Basic equipment
    a. airbrush
    b. compressor
    c. cleaning bottle
    d. cleaning station
  2. Paint brands
    a. vs. size of nozzle
  3. Thinning paint
  4. Vehicles
    a. Basecoat
    b. Hairspray technique
    c. Highlight
    d. Weathering
  5. Infantry
    a. Speed Painting (Squad)
    b. Detail Painting (Imperial Fist w/ Jump Pack)
    c. The sword technique
  6. Cleaning your airbrush

Watch it HERE at 4pm Pacific Time (GMT-8).

You can check out some of Mister Justin's previous Live Streams on his Youtube Channel. And if you want to follow more from behind the scenes at Secret Weapon Miniatures then head over to his Blog too.

Will you be tuning in to learn more about Airbrushing?

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