Which is the best of British?

April 12, 2011 by beerogre

Secrets of the Thrids Reich is one of my favourite platoon level wargames... in fact it's my favourite wargame that isn't a skirmish game and the only one I collect with any sort of regularity.

So, just in time for Salute, West Wind Productions has produced a new starter set for the British forces, this time the Para-Platoon. Which can be purchased at the event, or pre-ordered from their website.

This is a brave move by West Wind. Warlord Games have just launched their plastic box of British Commandos, which are cheaper and easier to assemble... although the plastic box doesn't have the mortar teams or anti-mech rifles... but it does have 25 models, including the light machinegun team.

If you count out the options, the Warlord box will make a 5 man command and two basic British Sot3R rifle units with full SMG and/or light machinegun options.

Now I only raise this point because I'm a German player, but I keep a pretty savage British force in reserve, so that I can lend it to the other guys and the most cost effective way to put it together was to use the Warlord plastic infantry, with a smattering of the West Wind separate head options.

But what do you think guys? Which do you like better?

BoW Andy

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