The Soviets Dig Into Secrets of the Third Reich

December 10, 2012 by dracs

The scientist of the Soviet forces have come up with a new armoured suit to aid the Red Army in the battles of Secret of the Third Reich.

This new suit brings a new element of surprise to the attack, allowing the Communists to come at their foes from beneath the ground.

SOTR - Suslik Mining Suit

This one-man operated tunnelling terror is an interesting sculpt with a spider like appearance. Not the first look I would have gone for when making a mining suit, but it is still a good miniature which would make a good addition to the soviet forces.

The inclusion of under ground advances to SOTR makes for a nice added dimension to the game and as we all know, the enemy does not like it up 'em.

Do you guys like the actual miniature? What are your thoughts on underground advances in the game of a Weird World War?

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