The Cthonians Attack with Studio McVey’s Sedition Wars

June 12, 2012 by brennon

Some more previews of the models coming to the Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster set which is currently still in Kickstarter mode. Check out the Cthonian from Studio McVey...

Cthonian Evolution Stages Concept

Painted Cthonian - Sedition Wars

"Phase 5 Exo-form – Cthonian A massive conglomeration of evolved bio-mass combined with a powered armour carapace. The outer shell is a fully functional exoskeleton wrapped around a squid-like body composed of extremely resilient tissue. Capable of regenerating damage with dark matter conversion, this creature is nearly impossible to kill without the use of high output energy weapons. In addition to its defensive capabilities, the creature is armed with a gravitic beam weapon and a lethal nano-weapon capable of mutating a living target almost instantly.

In addition the Cthonian also seems to be able to exert the same empathic influence on infected subjects as the Grendlr.

At its core is a bio-organic computer, containing an amalgam of the Firebrand Cthon AI and ancient nano-spore techno-directives. Recovery of this system is of prime importance in understanding this outbreak."

These models are looking utterly fantastic and seem to have a flavour of 'The Thing' about them perhaps? The painted model examples are also exquisite by Kev White and really serve to bring the world to life. It will be a fantastic day when the board game gets released!

What do you make of these models and the upcoming board game?

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