More Deadly Bounty Dogs On The Way From Studio McVey

April 9, 2014 by brennon

Studio McVey are continuing to show off their upcoming Bounty Hunters known as the Bounty Dogs. The previews this time around are for Gilgamesh and Ashar & Zoyra...


First up we have the battle scarred Gilgamesh who is touting a massive rifle on his shoulders and a bad attitude to boot. He is a former clone gladiator (which is already very cool) and has now turned his violent ways towards a new trade.


Ashar is very awesome looking too and is part of an alien warrior caste from distant stars. I love the amount of detail that's gone into his armour and this time around the stance is much better as well as weapon scale!


Rounding things off we have Zoyra who is also from an alien world. However instead of being a warrior she is a noble who has headed out to make a life for herself in human society. She looks like quite the commanding figure and I wouldn't cross her.

How are these Bounty Dogs shaping up for you?

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