A Firebrand Trio Are Released Into Sedition Wars

July 7, 2014 by dracs

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Studio McVey have released the last three minis that they previewed at Salute, a trio of Firebrand Rebellion members, accompanied by the faction's leader the Preacher Uriah Severn.

Uriah Severn Preacher


Commander Dargu

Each of these three sculpts are superb and I particularly like Commander Dargu (third image), but Uriah's strange mechanoid has to be the best of them. It is like someone took the Warhammer 40k Penitent Engine and then combined it with the servo-harness thing Ripley used to fight off the Alien Queen.

The great thing about the Sedition Wars minis is that each of them is sculpted in a way that you can easily imagine them each having their own unique back story. This is great as it adds to the narrative feel of a game, and each of the new minis Studio McVey have released definitely follow in this style.

Which of these is your favourite?

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