Hide Behind Vanguard Hurley in Sedition Wars

June 15, 2012 by brennon

We took a look at some deadly members of the Strain from Sedition Wars before but now let's get ourselves set up defensively with the Vanguard's Hurley Drone from Studio McVey...

Sedition Wars - Hurley Drone ConceptWhile the concept and design of the machine makes it look a little 'cute' I can imagine as soon as it fires you will be thinking completely different thoughts...

"The Vanguard Hurley is a tactical mobile combat information centre that interfaces with the Vanguard tactical network. Designed to provide Vanguard troopers with defensive and offensive support, the Hurley fulfills multiple roles through the use of autonomous drones that respond to the Hurley AI’s own instruction. The Hurley uses a class obsidian firewall, and is capable of preventing network intrusion and viral attack on the Vanguard Tac-Net.
It is also armed with a Kinesis Cannon, frequently referred to as the Comfort Gun."

Sedition Wars - Hurley Drone Model

A fairly awesome looking model that I can't wait to see in the Battle for Alabaster game. I can certainly say I would be happier if Hurley was floating in front of me on an infected space ship.

What do you make of Hurley?

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