Studio McVey Continue New Previews With The Thraex!

April 7, 2014 by brennon

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Studio McVey have unveiled more previews for upcoming miniatures and this time it's the dynamically dominating Thraex (the link may be broken at the moment, sorry!) which you can check out below.

THRAEX (Front)


Now that is one hell of a beast. From what we've been told this is a highly evolved creature made specifically for fighting in close quarters and you can tell that with the amount of bulk it is bringing to bear. I'm not entirely sure on the stance, I assume it's meant to be leaping forward to crush something, but it's a damn fine looking model all the same.

THRAEX (Scale Comparison)

Above you can see it alongside a normal sized Vanguard trooper. I think you will probably end up needing those Gnosis Armoured troopers that we showed you on Saturday in order to deal with this creature.

Grab this chap and then grab some Vanguard with upgraded tech to take it on!

Will you be drooling over the McVey booth come Salute?

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