Studio McVey Line Up Their Salute Releases

April 16, 2013 by dracs

Salute is fast approaching and that means more great minis from the guys at Studio McVey are appearing for us to drool over. These are truly a thing of beauty.

First up we will be seeing two new models for their game of Sedition Wars.

Studio McVey - Commodore Grist

Studio McVey Phaedrus Chirurge

Both of these will be available in limited quantities and given how awesome they look I expect them to disappear fast. I am particularly taken with the second one, Phaedrus Chrirurge, which manages to combine an almost seductive beauty with one of the most twisted amalgamations of flesh and machine to appear in miniature form.

Then we have the new addition to limited edition resin series, the eye-catching Ur-Fidyr.

Studio McVey - Ur-fildyr

Everything about this sculpt is beautiful, especially when given such a good paint job as the one it is sporting here. The armour is ornate, the flowing cloak captures a nice sense of movement and the wings provide a coll framing effect for the whole miniature.

The style of the clothing, while fantasy, is not exactly what one might consider the traditional garb of an epic fantasy elf. Instead, combined with the metalic nature of the wings, it appears almost steampunk in design. Possibly an alternative leader for Warmachine or Hordes, if you ever feel brave enough to take it out of  its display stand.

Are you heading to Salute? Will you pick one of these up from Studio McVey?

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