Sergeant BlackArt Bring Out Their Barbarian & Orc Chieftain!

February 23, 2015 by brennon

Sergeant BlackArt have put added two more limited edition miniatures to their line-up and it seems like they're practically sold out already. See what you think of Barin & Splittingbones...

Barin (Front)

Barin (Side)

Barin (Rear)

First up is Barin who looks awesome. He is in actual fact a Dwarf even though you probably can't tell in the final sculpt. I love the stance and the amount of detail work that's gone into making him. The face is particularly insane and so there is credit to be given to Joaquin Palacios for that one. If you want him there's not many left so you need to look HERE to get a hold of him.

Splittingbones (Front)

Splittingbones (Side)

Splittingbones (Rear)

Next up is an Orc Chief by the name of Splittingbones and he's just as awesome when it comes to the sculpting. The way they've developed the musculature to make it look realistic with that edge of fantasy is great. Once again full credit for the way they've detailed the face to give him some emotion. Splittingbones was sculpted by Allan Carrasco and while it doesn't appear like there are any left you might get lucky.

Al Capone (Front)

Al Capone (Rear)

Last but not least is a bit of a Pulp/Steampunk release that comes in the form of Al Capone in pig form. If you're looking for the re-release of a miniature that could prove a very cool painting project then how about checking that out. You don't see many pig-centaurs around.

I'm not a fan of this one but I think it's purely because of the subject matter. I'm sure other people are going to be begging to pick him up!

Who would you grab?

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