Sergeant BlackArt Go Flying With DUST’s Amazing Red Ace

July 19, 2014 by brennon

Sergeant BlackArt have worked in partnership with DUST to create this awesome miniature, Red Ace, which is now available over on their website!

Red Ace Art

Red Ace Miniature

Above you can see both the artwork and the finished miniature which is looking superb. She stands at 75mm tall and would be the perfect centrepiece for a lover of DUST who wants a miniature to stand amongst their collection.

There are only 120 of them in out there in both resin and white metal so if you really want one then you will have to be quick. What do you think of this fighting ace that will be taking to the skies to deal with her enemies?

I'm a big fan and hopefully we'll see a few more of these for each faction!

Is she going on your mantlepiece?

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