Final Days For Shadows Of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress With Stretch Goals Galore!

November 28, 2016 by brennon

Shadows Of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress from Flying Frog Productions is now closing in on the final few hours of their Kickstarter and they've unlocked some great goodies as extras for those who are backing the campaign.

Forbidden Fortress

The campaign has been going from strength to strength. If you want to find out more about the game then you can check out the post we did towards the end of last week HERE where we also show off loads of awesome painted miniatures from the game too.

Stretch Goals

Kicking things off at $600k they unlocked the Goryu which are a selection of strange bestial spirits which leap through the air to attack with their rending claws.

Goryu 600

The artwork for the game, drawn from traditional Japanese mythology, certainly hits the nail on the head and it really shows the depth of awesomeness that you can delve into from this culture.

Spectral Horde 750

The Spectral Horde are a selection of more monstrous foes that can also maybe even possess the bodies of dead heroes that were once on your side to seek some kind of revenge!

The Forest of the Dead, unlocked at $800k, also adds to this feeling of walking through a shadowy deathscape.

Forest of the Dead 800

Building on the Otherworld this seems like an awesome location to fight your foes in. Not only will you be fighting against an interesting set of creatures but the Decaying Trees themselves might also lash out at your heroes. Occasionally they may even give you some cover too!

Following on from that we're heading up into the mountains with the next set of unlocks they added to the list with the wonderful Curious Monkey...

Curious Monkey 825

...and the Fallen Sorcerers who you just know are going to be guarded by this rather awesome looking Temple Dogs.

Fallen Sorcerers 850

Temple Dogs 875

I do particularly like the look of the Temple Dogs that look like they've got a little bit of the dragon about them. Plus, this is what's to come over the next few hours if they manage to smash those goals...

locked stretch goals

Of course, the big one still to come is Sho-Riu The Dragon King who will be unlocked if they manage to get to the $1,000,000 mark. It would be awesome to see this included as part of the collection.

Sho Riu Dragon

It would be very fun to paint up that particular model. You'd have to go with some very bright and vibrant colours I reckon to really make him stand out on the tabletop. The little terrain pieces on the base also add to the miniature as a whole.


As well as the stretch goals the team behind the game has also been putting together a series of Add-Ons for the game too. Some are related to the Forbidden Fortress like these Doors and Dice...

Gates & Dice

It's awesome to see that they have two flavours of Door where one of them is decidedly more inviting! The alien nature of the Otherworld is definitely quite the lure though. You can also pick up some expansions for past versions of Shadows Of Brimstone taking you to different worlds.

Blasted Wastes

Derelict Ship

The idea of heading off to the Blasted Wastes sounds like an adventure worth having stepping into the post-apocalypse. It would be fun to see how your Japanese heroes would fare there too.

Will you be getting on board with this particular project?

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