Shadows of Brimstone Gets Some Seductive Additions

November 12, 2013 by dracs

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The weird wild west game Shadows of Brimstone is still doing brilliantly well over on Kickstarter which has led to some new additions, including a new mission pack entitled the Hellfire Succubi of Cynder.

Hellfire Succubi

This new mission pack is a new optional add on bringing a new mission to the Caverns of Cynder set. We all know how the rough and tough men of the wild west have a taste for the ladies, so it will be interesting to see how such men react to these Succubi.

As well as these daemonic damsels some more, rather more ugly enemies have been unlocked. Look out for the Void Hounds.

Void Hounds

These terrible creatures are large enemies hunting your heroes from the cold warp of space and time. They look to be thoroughly malformed creations which should look excellent in miniature form.

Finally we come to a cool new sculpt, the Dark Stone Shaman.

Dark Stone Shaman

This beautiful Native American shaman is a great sculpt. She looks sexy without being too gratuitous and would be an interesting character to play in an adventuring posse. The inclusion of magic in Shadows of Brimstone is a mechanic which will allow for cool alternative tactics and it will be interesting to see how mystical powers are treated alongside a world of six-shooters and steam trains.

Shadows of Brimstone is one of the coolest games on Kickstarter at present and the fact that Flying Frog Productions are currently negotiating for the game to be shipped from within the EU as well as America should make the game more accessible to those of us here across the pond.

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