A Winged Fiend Rises in Shadows of Brimstone’s Final Days

November 20, 2013 by dracs

There are only four days left on the Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter and the Flying Frog Productions have managed to reach a staggering $937,327. But that's not enough and they have plans for a fiendish villain to appear at the $1 million mark.

Beware the winged form of Beli'al, the Scourge of Worlds.


Beli'al is an astonishing addition to this dungeon crawling board game. It towers over the other miniatures, both men and monsters alike, while the style of the sculpt is reminiscent of daemons from classic fantasy games and settings.

Beli'al Rear

This awesome villain sculpt will be unlocked if Shadows of Brimstone reaches $1 million, so if you want to see him raised up be sure to chip in while you still have the chance.

Don't worry though, even if Beli'al should rise Flying Frog have just received a new miniature to defend us.


Why yes, that is a nun toting a shot gun. Congregations could get pretty rowdy in the wild west.

The Nun is the female counterpart of the preacher character type and will definitely be a fun addition to an adventuring party. Though I can't help but picture her with the face of Eric Idle.

Last chance guys, hurry over to the Kickstarter and bring mighty Beli'al to the wild west.

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